Kushi Institute

Denny Waxman: Founder & Director of Strengthening Health Institute, Acclaimed Author, Wellness Educator, Health Counselor and Former Kushi Institute Student.

I was quite saddened to hear the recent news of the closing of the Kushi Institute. Meeting Aveline and Michio Kushi changed my life. I studied with them personally because it was before the Kushi Institute officially formed. Their friendship and teachings guided me early in my quest for knowledge. That knowledge of macrobiotics and basic life foundation will continue to guide the rest of my life. They were my spiritual parents and helped to guide every aspect of my life.

I was a fortunate member of the first teaching groups at the Kushi Institute in Boston, London, and Europe. I was also responsible for the operations of the Kushi Institute in London from 1981-1983. That experience changed my understanding of the practice of macrobiotics through interactions with people from Western and Eastern Europe.

In the beginning, the spirit of macrobiotics attracted most people because of social change and personal transformation. The emphasis was on creating healthy and happy individuals, families, and communities to lead naturally into a healthy society. The original passion evolved over time to focus more on personal health, which changed the nature of macrobiotic practice.

Now, is the right time for macrobiotics to return to its original spirit of personal, social, and environmental transformation. Michio created a unique curriculum that supported both personal change and transformation as well as recovery and health. As a result, he spoke clearly about five areas of study essential to guide one’s life.

Michio’s 5 Essential Areas to Guide One’s Life

  • Macrobiotic philosophy- the guiding principles revolve around balance, harmony and change to guide all aspects of life.
  • Diagnosis of health and destiny- the art of seeing personal health, family health and destiny.
  • Healthcare- the causes and recovery paths from both common and serious illness.
  • Cooking- delicious and healthy food preparation that can transform health and life.
  • Movement- including shiatsu, Do-In, meditation, and spiritual practices.

These areas of study, understanding, and practice are necessary to successfully guide one’s life and for guiding others. Each original area of study is natural and anyone can learn, do, benefit, and gain insight from them. This model of education is endlessly adaptable and became the inspiration for the strengthening health macrobiotic approach.

Michio created a strong group of teachers to guide the Kushi Institutes across the globe. Many of these people later moved on to create their own endeavors in macrobiotics and beyond. These basic teachings inspired all of us to become who we are today. His approach was far reaching, and continues to have an endless number of applications.

Macrobiotic philosophy prepares us for all possible outcomes due to the basic principle that everything changes. As a result, it should be easy for us to embrace the closure of the Kushi Institute. However, it has still been a difficult time for many in our community (including myself). I understand that it must have been a time for change within the Kushi Institute. But, for me, this closing represents the closing of a very important chapter in my life. I also often wonder how many thousands of people have been touched by the teachings of Michio and Aveline Kushi.

To Kushi Institute Students & Followers

All of us at the Strengthening Health Institute understand that that these are currently difficult times for many in the macro community. We would like to offer our services to help alleviate stress associated with the quick closure of KI and we have developed a plan. First, we are willing to provide scholarships for any KI students that had scheduled courses that were  not completed. This means that we will give 10% off of the price of any course we offer if it is your first course here at SHI. Simply use the code: ‘KI 10%’ to redeem at checkout. And, if there is anything we can do to help transition, or if you would like to read more about our approach to macrobiotics, please consider reading Denny Waxman’s book, The Complete Macrobiotic Diet. The code is good for the book as well.

Thank You Kushi Institute & Family

I would like to formally acknowledge the Kushi Institute and family on being such important influences on my life. Furthermore, they have touched the lives of many people who benefited from interactions with the Kushi Institute. It is our goal at the Strengthening Health Institute to share Michio’s basic macrobiotic philosophies. I will personally do my best to continue to lead the globe in health education through macrobiotics.

Finally, I would like to wish all the Kushi family the very best in all future endeavors.


Denny Waxman

Founder & Director, The Strengthening Health Institute