• Advanced 9 Star Ki Training Course

    6 Lessons in $145.00 $130.50

    Advanced 9 Star Ki Training Course

    For more information on utilizing 9 Star Ki to enhance your understanding, please join us in a course today!

  • Macro-Life Mentorship

    0 Lessons $6,495.00 $5,845.50

    This course focuses on extensive personal development and a deepening of understanding and practical application of macrobiotics through a personal project.

  • Macro On the Go! - Master Your Health Course

    111 Lessons $2,995.00 $2,695.50

    This course provides a multi-faceted and in-depth perspective of macrobiotic practice. Students will gain a deep understanding of macrobiotic philosophy and practical application of cooking.

  • Macro On The Go! - Core Macrobiotic Course

    41 Lessons $995.00 $895.50

    This course provides the core ideas that make up SHI’s unique approach to macrobiotic practice and cooking. It clarifies what is so special about our approach, providing a modern platform for macrobiotic people. This course is the foundation of the full Master Your Health program.

  • Macro On The Go! - Intensive Course

    15 Lessons

    The Macro On the Go! Intensive is the perfect program to give you the essential tools and knowledge to begin a plant-based diet, or improve your macrobiotic practice. Be prepared to deepen your understanding and appreciation for this time-tested approach to diet and lifestyle.

  • Macro On The Go! - Online Discovery Course

    6 Lessons $50.00 $45.00

    An introduction to macrobiotic practice that teaches individuals how to prioritize key points in their lives. This course includes basic cooking lessons and lifestyle recommendations.