The Strengthening Health Institute, being at the forefront of macrobiotics today, provides a unique approach that fits the needs of a modern society. And what do modern people want? Convenience!

Macro On The Go! Core is the perfect opportunity to make long-lasting changes in your health. . on the go! Through this course, receive essential knowledge covered in our Macro On The Go!Intensive, coupled with core ideals found in our year-long program, Master Your Health.

Under the guise of macrobiotic counselor, Denny Waxman, executive chef, Susan Waxman, and many more, receive what we consider to be the backbone of a sustainable macrobiotic practice.

Macro On The Go! Core includes extensive lectures, as well as 5 cooking classes, 2 menu-planning sessions and practical advice on kitchen setup. That’s over 50 hours of video content!

Save on travel expenses! Learn from the comfort of your own home, on the beach, in the library, or simply . . .on the go!

Program Highlights:

  • Macrobiotic philosophy
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Menu planning & pantry stocking
  • Health, Nature & Happiness
  • Basic meditation & self-massage
  • Balance and Imbalance
  • Movement of Energy
  • Daily self-diagnosis
  • Seven steps to a great life

Pricing and Additional Information:

  • $995 Pre-Recorded Online Streaming Videos!

Prices include program tuition and course materials.


Call 215.238.9212 or e-mail about our flexible payment plans as well as family discounts.